Project Case Study
Mengwang Technology, Niuxinyun, United Arab Emirates Hope Cloud CCTV monitoring platform, Quwan, global exchange platform Lbank, Middle East short video live broadcast e-commerce platform WingGo, African e-commerce platform Unibuy, blockchain game Roveland, etc
LBank Case - Mid-Year Meeting
Access acceleration scheme
Scheme clarification&POC import
For domestic user access requests, after being forwarded to Hong Kong for export through Huawei Cloud CN2 special line, the access requests are received in Hong Kong, and the dynamic interaction acceleration to the origin of Singapore game service is carried out.

Key outputs of scheme clarification

● It is agreed to launch POC with the joint participation of the technical teams of both parties. Validate the effect of the scheme in the first stage;

● Since the current VOD source station is deployed on A3 A1, Huawei Cloud CDN will significantly increase the cost of outbound international bandwidth at the current stage. Therefore, Huawei is required to implement the overall plan without increasing the cost of CDN expenditure and satisfying the business experience. Based on this, the final scheme of CDN is as follows:


Establish a joint project team and start POC

● CP partners apply for corresponding test coupons based on the cloud service entries required by POC;

● The customer Development Head and O&M Head participated in the POC test with Huawei. Huawei side participation role, project SA, exclusive TAM. SA outputs POC test cases;

● The test results are summarized and output by the Development Head in combination with the actual test situation, and reported to CTO and GM.



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