3-Market opportunities
Web2.0's traditional internet business has gone to the Middle East, lacking Less reliable operation centers and incubators, as well as advertising promotion and delivery channels.
1-Market gap and uniqueness
At present, there is no comprehensive enterprise in the Middle East that can provide comprehensive cloud manufacturer agency and operation and maintenance services led by Chinese.

This is one of the industry pain points in the market at present. Our company aims at industrial opportunities and new market opportunities, and fills the market gap by taking the first place.

4-Preempt the opportunity
Our company can provide platform cooperation and whole-process technical and advisory services for domestic Internet businesses to sail to the Middle East, to minimize the trial and error costs of domestic enterprises' business.

Market depression+uniqueness
Acting to sell mature public cloud platform products of well-known Internet companies and IT companies and provide relevant services to meet customers' software and hardware requirements on the cloud
Public cloud service provider
Provide customized solutions and cooperation for overseas operations for domestic businesses
Provide customers with one-stop cloud consulting services covering many scenarios, such as resource allocation, business security, hybrid interconnection, user access, disaster recovery system, operation and maintenance management
Cloud consulting&solution provider
Provide outsourcing service for operation and maintenance posts
Provide various professional cloud operation and maintenance services, such as daily operation and maintenance, risk assessment, basic environment optimization, website filing, to minimize cloud security risks, ensure data security, reduce failure risks, and reduce security risks
Operation and maintenance service provider

Market depression+uniqueness

About us

Founded in June 2021, headquartered in Dubai Internet City, 70% of the team is jointly built by Huawei Alibaba senior executives. It is a high-tech enterprise that sells multi public cloud solutions and provides professional enterprise cloud consulting services and operation and maintenance capabilities to Asia Pacific,