High security level to ensure your cloud data security

The private network provides most of the two-layer isolation. In this environment, your internal data is very safe, and hackers cannot sniff or intercept your data.
Global excellent, safe and stable products

Global excellent, safe and stable products provide you with block storage devices with excellent performance, which can reach or close to the performance of the physical hard disk of the server, and can meet the requirements of various mainstream databases on the disk.
Your business can cover the world

The world's excellent cloud computing platform, no matter where it is, has a flexible and smooth online experience, allowing your business to cover more users
More choices give you greater possibilities

INTERNET Cloud Services, in conjunction with third-party service providers, can meet your comprehensive business needs with more choices and guarantee your security and compliance.
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About us

Founded in June 2021, headquartered in Dubai Internet City, 70% of the team is jointly built by Huawei Alibaba senior executives. It is a high-tech enterprise that sells multi public cloud solutions and provides professional enterprise cloud consulting services and operation and maintenance capabilities to Asia Pacific,